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Minimum Advertised Price Policy: 


MAP Terms and Policy 

Hydrascape Stickers has an Internet Minimum Advertised Price (“MAP”) Policy applicable to the Internet advertising of branded products Hydrascape Stickers offers direct to customers. Any Reseller’s Internet advertising showing Hydrascape Stickers products may not advertise below (but may advertise above) the minimum advertised prices established by Hydrascape Stickers for such products.

Under this MAP Policy, “advertising” includes, without limitation, the following: 
• Printed advertisements published in newspapers, magazines, inserts, catalogs or flyers

• Outdoor signs and billboards

• Broadcast advertisements via radio, television, or mobile applications

• E-commerce advertising, including email promotions, paid search results and ad   words, and promotions released to or published on third party websites and mobile applications

• Content promoting Hydrascape Sticker products on any page of a store website

• Pop-up windows soliciting consumers to “click to see the price”

Off-MAP Window Periods:

Hydrascape Stickers authorizes the following promotional periods for advertising below MAP, allowing products to be advertised up to a specified discount off MSRP:

  • Earth Day sale: 20% off Infinity Stickers and Miniscapes 

  • April 20th-24th

  • Summer sale: 15% off Infinity Stickers and Miniscapes

  • June 25th-27th

  • Fall sale: 20% off Infinity Stickers only

  • September 2nd- 6th

  • Winter/Holiday sale: Buy 2 Get 1 Free Infinity and Miniscapes

  • November 23rd-30th

Advertisements that violate this MAP Policy include, without limitation, the following: 
• Any advertisement (as defined above) that promotes Hydrascape Sticker products below the MAP price.

• Advertised discounts that add up to the MAP price when shipping costs are included
(This does not include separate “free shipping” offers as defined below.) 
• “Buy one/ get one” promotions and similar promotions that include Hydrascape Sticker products.

Third Party Vendors are prohibited.

Hydrascape Stickers Resellers are not permitted to sell any Hydrascape Products on “third party” websites or through “third party” sales channels, without the express, prior written consent and authorization of Hydrascape. Such third- party websites/sales channels include, but are not limited to, the following: (or any of its affiliates);;;;;;;; and


In the event of any violation of this MAP Policy by a Reseller, Hydrascape Stickers will, in its sole discretion, generally send or have sent a written or electronic notice of violation to the headquarters of the Reseller providing a limited-in-time opportunity to self-correct. Notice to a Reseller of a MAP violation is not a prerequisite to Hydrascape Stickers, in its sole discretion, taking any enforcement action under this MAP Policy. If Hydrascape Stickers determines the situation warrants it, or the violation continues after a discretionary notice, Hydrascape Stickers may cause, at its sole option, the elimination or limitation of sales of Hydrascape Stickers Products to the violating Reseller at any time without written notice.

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