Hydrascape Stickers are a brainchild of yours truly, Gretchen Leggitt.


While I was designing and painting a 230ft x 50ft mural of the North Cascades (the largest mural in Washington state), I spent over 250 hours immersed in a monolithic, graphic mountain illustration.

Deep in this project, I was continually contemplating atmospheric perspective - changing the scale, hue and value of overlapping layers to create depth in a landscape. 

Sipping on my favorite Hydroflask water bottle, staring at these layers of mountains, the idea of Infinity Stickers™ jumped out at me. This design concept was a simple and completely unique way of to reproduce my landscapes with a very cool and original utilitarian function.

And the rest is history...

All Hydrascape Stickers are printed by our friends Andrew & Carlos at Stickers For Days, one block from my Bellingham-based studio. They are transported by foot or skateboard, minimizing our carbon footprint and allowing us to high five our neighbors along the way.