Apply your your Sticker to any surface:

1. Determine your placement on a CLEAN &          DRY surface in a climate above 50° 

2. PLACE it and PRESS it down..thoroughly.

3. (optional) HEAT it with a BLOW DRYER while pressing it down to add EXTRA STRENGTH.

- For SKIS, BOARDS & BOATS: Add heat after applying it (step 3). Let it cure for at least a day before taking it out to your playground. 

Apply your your Sticker to a water bottle:

clean bottle.jpg
Step 2.jpg

1. CLEAN and DRY your bottle with soap and water. 

2.  PEEL 2-3 inches of backing off the tallest end of your sticker and STICK this end near the bottom of your bottle. 

Step 3.jpg

3.OVERLAP the sticker on itself as you wrap it around bottle, always LINING up the bottom edge with previous wrap. SMOOTH as you go.   


4.HEAT it with a BLOWDRYER while pressing down to add extra STRENGTH.

Enjoy your fresh, new water bottle!

river sticker.gif